Weaving a web(site)

Hi folks, if you are reading on this website in all likelihood you are a student or teacher of the class I’m writing this for.
that or you are either going through an intense Odyssey throughout the world wide web and found this page at random. In either case, welcome to my own little cul-de-sac off the information superhighway. This post is a reflection on the experience of creating this website on WordPress.

“More Cowbell!!!”

No, but seriously I am a very private person, so publishing what amounts to a diary for the world to see leaves me with anxiety. And whenever I feel this way, Will Ferrell banging away at a cowbell is the only imagery that can describe my emotional state.

Anyway, this is where I talk about possible additions I will make to the website. Well, I will have you good people know that I will link this website to my SoundCloud as soon as I make a SoundCloud. Then this will be the premier site to find recordings of me passionately reciting dialogs from old silent movies. It might sound like 2 hours of silence but hopefully, I get picked up by a label, after all, there’s a market for everything.

On a more serious note, my goal for publishing this website is to create a tool to use to do well in the class I am currently enrolled in. To that end, I decided to keep it simple and clean. To avoid bright colors and distracting imagery. And to keep the blog posts 200% professional… I think It’s going great so far!!!