personal essay placeholder

The essay you all been waiting for( or at least I have) is coming shortly…

Until then, a sneak peek.

What does a Role playing game or RPG have to do with digital media (aside from the obvious)? I believe the internet is one giant RPG where the role we play is ourselves, or a version of ourselves we are hesitant to show the world. Even if you are intentionally playing a “role” on the internet like a troll or a chat moderator, you are still roleplaying as yourself roleplaying as the troll.

All of this to say I wanted to look backward at the topic. Instead of gleaning info on the user via the media, I wanted to glean insight on the media via the user. It’s an ironic look at our media central world. If the normal relationship between the user and the media is a sweater, I want to wear the sweater inside out.

 I believe we are all trying to play a part in life: the role of a parent, the lifestyle of a rapper, the extravagance of a billionaire… Are all facades we project instead of who we really are, but in truth, there is nothing deeper than what we project. There is no core to the onion that is “person” a common Idea is if you got to get to know the “real me” somehow the relationship would be different.  It won’t be because we are what we post and we post what we are, either by following or avoiding our hearts.

But back to the matter at hand, games are a directional response to that crisis of humanity for me. There is no asking who am I really, I am Link, the hero of Hyrule. I am Laura Croft, professional badass treasure hunter. I am Zangief, fighter and chest hair model.  And so on…

I started gaming a few years after the Game Boy made the transition to 16 bit and I traded my older cousin a copy of Beyblade G-Revolution (2004) for his copy of Pokémon gold and I played the heck out of that game.

Why it matters…

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