2nd news story

A defining issue in this, our “grand digital age” is figuring out what to do with our data. Who gets it? Where SHOULD it go? Where does it go? How many gigabytes of cat videos are there and how can I get them all? What we lack is is the ability to handle it. The modern world has no universal privacy standard, no storage medium capable of handling this influx longterm, and a frankly pathetic safeguard in place to obtain porn.

What we have in abundance is data. Everything we do produces it (for better or worse). From having a house to buying a baby, our online transactions are monitored and monetized and sent… Wherever… facebook probably.

And so we come to the news story this time.

Dave Lee and the BBC recently reported on some data misuse that involved Facebook. Namely that apps that use App Events are (facebook provided online development tool) sending the data they collect back to Facebook to power their advertising algorithms. the issue we have to discuss is about the apps that use App Events and are sending data to Facebook that Facebook probably shouldn’t have.

For example, there is a period and ovulation tracker app that necessitated sensitive information like whether or not you were trying to get pregnant or you know, your period and ovulation cycle. the app collected that data and sent it back to Facebook. and for what its worth, Facebook has said it doesn’t want that info and that they get rid of any private data they receive… and you know… sure. but the point is we don’t actually know where our data is going when we enter it into a screen. read the whole article at the BBC website.


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