News Response #1

The British broadcasting corporation is a household name in regard to news and education. I chose it to be the primary news source for this class because I hope it will provide a breath of fresh air regarding the news stories I consume.

And speaking of news stories that provide a breath of fresh air, I recently came across a news story on the BBC news page about a new method of teaching the blind coding and principals regarding coding. They use physical and audio cues to bring coding to blind students, allowing them to interact with coding in non-visual dimensions. One of its most beneficial utilities is to allow visually impaired and non-visually impaired students to work together in the classroom. The actual objects they interact with are about the size of remotes with two dials instead of buttons and are called “pods”. Each pod represents a single line of code which the learner strings together to form an executable program.

This tool, in the long run, mean more coders will be ready to kick some digital ass. Coding is the basic building blocks out of which our castle of modern technology is built. More builders, especially differently able ones, will undoubtedly take our metaphorical castle to new heights. A link to the new story on the BBC website can be found at



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